SANGUCHÓN Our Sandwich
Chanchito $13
Tender grilled pork belly, golden sweet potato and salsa criolla served on a crusty bread roll. This is Mr. Papa’s most popular option!
pan con chorizo $12
Handmade chorizo topped with Mr. Papa’s special chimichurri, rocoto aioli and papitas served on a crusty bread roll.
PERRITOS Peruvian style burritos
Asado $12
Mum’s slow-cooked beef topped with rocoto chilli cream, fresh lettuce, tomato and crunchy papitas.
Chica fina (Vegetarian) $12
Pumpkin and mushroom locro with snow peas, sibaris sauce, cheese and lettuce.
El Bravo $13
Peruvian spiced chicken with aji amarillo rice, canario beans and salsa criolla.
Faite $12
Mr. Papa’s famous pork belly with rice, corn chalaquita and aji verde.
Gringa $12
Tender chicken strips in a creamy huancaina sauce with smoked ham, lettuce and crunchy papitas.
CARRETILLA Street food
Alitas $11
Smoky chicken wings with chimichurri and aji verde.
Papa rellena $12
Popular Peruvian croquettes with creamy potato stuffed with chicken, chorizo, onion, cheese and served with aji amarillo sauce.
EMPANADAS Homemade and the best in town
Carne $7
This traditional empanada is filled with seasoned sautéed beef with onion and boiled egg.
Aji de gallina $7
Flavoursome chicken stew with creamy yellow chilli.
lomo saltado $7
Tender strips of steak with onion and tomato.
Pollo $7
Braised chicken with onion and coriander.
veggie $7
Quinoa, corn and cheese.